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Steps to End Police Harassment and all Forms of Injustice

 People are acquainted with police harassment and brutality stories reported in newspapers, internet websites, TV and in other types of media. The unlawful arrest often entails; harassment, money extortion, violence, and even murder sometimes. As a result of police brutality, people will tend to create their own defense, which will give birth to social strife and hence government loses its authority. The police forces will continue to flaunt in harassing and illegally arresting people if both citizenry and government do nothing about it. But if right measures are taken, this problem can be brought to its end, and people will trust again their police service again.
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The following information will bring to light some of the key measures needed to stop police' coercive arrest. Always campaigning for social justice and equality demand more than one person's effort. But goals will be achieved if multitudes of people stand and fight together. Since police brutality is something that bothers the entire society, people will always offer their support in case one stands to campaign against it. And you can be confident that police brutality is loathed by every single citizen. Since police brutality has come to every citizen's attention, then you have their support if you advocate for them. Through the unification of people peace and justice are made possible in many nations of the world.

Thus, if you manage to convince a few people to stand with you, with the right strategies, the number of supporters will keep on growing. Now that you have sensitized people against police brutality and unlawful arrests, your voice will be heard beyond, if you work with media. Media is the key to propagating your ideas quickly and accurately. Through radio and the internet, your movement will be saluted in the country and beyond its borders. It essential, therefore, to invite the media people whenever you will be taking this venture. Although, police are the culprit, in this case, it does not mean that activists will become enemies of the police. In building peace, all concerned parties have to be present to the table of discussion.
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That is what it takes to be a peacemaker. Both to the police leadership and to different government justice institutions, the police brutality question has to be addressed without involving violence. The aim should be to promote justice such that the policemen who have abused their power be punished according to the law by the administration. Bearing in mind that policy abusive behaviors have resulted into wounds, loss of money, and trauma to the victims. The government must fully compensate every victim accordingly and provide forfeiture to the culprits.